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Using HiTi Photo Printer Hand Controller
Using the hand controller enables you to print photos without the need for a PC.

Using the hand controller is easy and intuitive. Most people manage it in just a few minutes, without even reading the instructions! Basically you select the photos you wish to print using the arrow key (4), and then pressing the print key (7) to print the images you have selected. The LCD screen allows you to view the photos before you print, and so you can quickly select which images to print.

How to use the hand held controller on HiTouch HiTi Stand alone Dye Sublimation Photoprinters

An explanation of the options on the LCD Menu.

There are eight basic operations that can be selected from the LCD window; they are detailed below.

Explanation of LCD Menu on hand held controllers for stand alone HiTouch HiTi Photoprinters

1. Photo - This option will allow you to manually select the photos you wish to print, together with the number of copies you require.

2. ID Photo - It is possible to print ID or passport photos using this option.

3. Index - You can select to print an index or contact sheet showing all the photos on the memory card installed in the printer.

4. Sticker - You can print a selection of stickers using this option.

5. Quick Photo - The quickest way to print a photo.

6. DPOF - If your camera supports DPOF mode and you have selected the photos you wish to print on the camera, then selecting this option will print all pre-selected images.

7. Print All - Prints all the images on the memory card.

8. Setup - Allows you to change some of the default options on the printer.

9. Printing Size - Select which size of print you require.

10. Memory Card - Select between different memory cards in the printer, if more than one is installed.

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