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Use your HiTi Printer almost anywhere!
Ideal solution for Professional Event Photographers and amateurs alike, who want immediate on-the-spot printing.

New Product - The Ultimate in Portability & Usability.
It is now possible to use your HiTi Photo Printer, (and other mains powered devices), almost anywhere. Take your photo printer on holiday, away for the weekends, to a family gathering, party, school play or sports event - the list is endless! You can now print your photos almost anywhere! Use it in your car or van for immediate photos!

Print Your Photos In Your Car - Power your printer from the cigarette lighterHow does it work?
Our new low cost power inverters are very easy to use. The inverter just plugs into a 12volt cigarette adapter in your vehicle and converts the 12volt DC power into 220-240v AC mains power! You just plug your HiTi printer or mains device into the socket and away you go.

What devices can I use with the power inverter?
Almost any 240v device that uses 150 or 300 watts or less, (model dependant - see below), can be used with these inverters. We supply two models a 150watt model or a more powerful 300watt model.

You can use these inverters to power many standard electrical products e.g.: Laptop, Small Computer Printer, Camera charger, Mobile Phone chargers and similar low power devices.

Print off your photos within minutes of taking them - See the results straight away wherever you are

How do I know how many watts of power my device needs?
Most electrical devices have a small label attached to them which should tell you how much power they consume. If in doubt refer to the manual that came with your product for full details.

Can I power more than one device?
Yes - as long as the total power required does not exceed the power rating of the unit 150 or 300 watts depending upon the model.

What safety features do they have?

Our power inverters are not supposed to be used beyond their maximum power ratings of 150 and 300 watts. If for some reason an electrical device connected to your inverter draws more power than it should, the inverter has a built in trip switch that will turn the inverter off in order to protect itself and prevent it from burning out or producing excessive heat.

150 watt inverter300 watt inverter

HiTi 12-240v 150w Inverter Model HiTi 12-240v 300w Inverter Model

Which one do I choose?

The 150w inverter is rated for the 600 series Hiti printers, while the 300w is rated for the 700 series printers. Although the 700 series printers are rated at 300w we have noticed that they generally do not use more than 150w so you may wish to use the 150w inverter if you decide not to follow the manufactures recommended guide lines.

How can I purchase an Inverter?

Simply click on the images above to be taken to the relevant part of our online catalogue.

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