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Camera Wireless Overview
A brief overview on how the Wireless Transmission works with Digital SLR's

Nikon Wireless: Nikon DSLR Camera Wireless Overview , Nikon Camera Control Pro , Nikon Camera Rental
Canon Wireless Canon DSLR Camera Wireless Overview

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The Advantages of Wireless Transmission
The main benefit of using wireless transmission is that any photos will appear on your PC or IT5000 event photography solution within seconds of being taken. This enables the photographer to continue taking photos while sales staff sell the images to the customers. The improvement in workflow, which is paramount in a event photography situation, maximises profit at an event.

Nikon WT2 Wireless TransmitterTo send images to your laptop, PC, Mitsubishi Click System or for that matter to the other side of the world via the internet without any wires or without the need to keep removing your memory card you need to use wireless transmission.

Currently (March 08) only Nikon and Canon offer this option and only one some of their camera range.

Firstly you need the adapter (which we can supply), this connects to you camera via a cable and is usually attached to you camera or clips to a waste belt (depending upon adapter type)

It is critical to obtain the correct adapter for your camera as they are all Camera specific although some adapters will work with more than one camera model.

You will then need the following: Router (and cables), FTP Server and some basic information about your system.

How easy is it to setup?
Wireless networking is relatively simple providing you have a good knowledge of IT and networking. The manuals and software that comes from the manufacturer are very good but you have to know what you're doing. If you have little or no knowledge of routers, FTP, Mac addresses and IP Configuration then it will be a learning curve and you may struggle.

Free Wireless Setup of your Equipment
We at System Insight provide help and advice on wireless equipment purchased from us and can provide this on a chargable basis for equipment purchased elsewhere.


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