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Sony UP-CX1 Digital Photo Printer
The UP-CX1 Digital Digital Dye Sub Photo Printer produces photo lab quality prints every time.


Sony recently launched the UP-CX1, an innovative desktop photofinishing solution aimed at organisations and individuals that demand high quality photo printing at an affordable price. Following the successful launch of Sony SnapLab earlier this year, the UP-CX1 is the newest addition to the "Print by Sony" product family and targets a wide range of photo printing users.

Sony UP-CX1 Detailed Spec. Sheet

Print by Sony for superior picture quality
Sony UP-CX1 desktop photofinishing solution

The UP-CX1 from Sony is designed for even the most demanding customers who are looking for high quality photo output in a range of possible applications. This compact and affordable printer provides high speed photo printing in four possible sizes using Sony dye sublimation technology. Professional photo quality prints are delivered at a resolution of 300 dpi in seconds.

Sony's UP-CX1 offers new opportunities in the photo lab and office environments, where photo quality output adds value to your business with instant prints delivered in seconds at low cost. Previously expensive inkjet technologies can be replaced and on-site printing removes the need to off-load prints to the minilab. Due to its small size and PC/MAC connectivity, the UP-CX1 can also be used by professional photographers in event applications or even integrated into small form photo kiosks.

The Sony UP-CX1 is a compact and stylish desktop based digital photo printer, which can be installed into even the most space-conscious locations. It is designed for a wide range of photo printing applications and is primarily targeted at the Small and Medium Enterprise, home-worker, pro-sumer and professional photography market.

High quality, innovative design: The UP-CX1 produces sharp, high-resolution images of exceptional quality in four selectable print sizes*. It incorporates modern instant printing technology, dye sublimation, with a new image-processing architecture to produce photo-quality prints that offer crisp and vibrant colours with natural, continuous tones. With its next generation print engine, the UP-CX1 can print at high speed, which significantly reduces the time users have to wait for their photographs and enables high-volume print jobs to be completed faster.

Ease of maintenance is another key benefit of the UP-CX1. Due to its innovative design, print media can be replaced in seconds.Sony UP-CX1

Media & Accessories:
2UPC-C13 Self-Laminating Colour Printing Pack
2UPC-C14 Self-Laminating Colour Printing Pack
2UPC-C15 Self-Laminating Colour Printing Pack
2UPC-C48PF Self-Laminating Colour Printing Pack
UPA-CPH1 Paper Holder

Connectivity Options for Windows and Macintosh users: The UP-CX1 is supplied with Microsoft® Windows® printer driver software, which allows images to be printed from various Windows applications. An Apple Macintosh driver is also available. The UP-CX1 is equipped with a Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0) interface ensuring fast data transfer.

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