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HiTi 730 Series Dye Sub CD Sticker Kits
CD Media Pack containing ribbon and sticker paper for 730PL, 730PS & 730 Gala models

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Excellent value CD Media Label Sticker KitsThe HiTi 60 Image Sticker Kits are perfect for users who need high quality stickers at an affordable price.

We currently stock 4 types of Sticker packs, which are shown below.

Stickers come in either: 1x1, 4x4, 4x2x4 and a combo pack which is 25 sheets of 4x4 and 25 sheets of 4x2x4. When printing from a PC each separate sticker printed can be different (although they don't have to be!)

1x1 (1 per sheet)
4x4 (16 per sheet)
4x2x4 (10 per sheet)
Versatile Media Sticker Kits - 1 per sheet
Versatile Media Sticker Kits - 16 per sheet
Versatile Media Sticker Kits - Multiple sizes per sheet
The sticker fills the whole 6x4 sheet 16 stickers per sheet (all stickers can be different) 10 stickers per sheet (all stickers can be different)

These stickers are designed to work perfectly with the HiTi Photo Printers 730PL, 730PS and 730Gala. This kit contains everything you need to print 60 sticker sheets - Photo Sticker Paper and Dye Sublimation Ribbon. The overcoating layer, Magic Coating Technology, separates the colour dye from air, increasing print durability and provides protection from water, UV rays and fingerprint marks.

The images produced are far superior to inkjet prints. Comparison between Dye Sub & Inkjet Photo Printing

Unlike Inkjet Cartridges these media packs do not have an expiry date and we are assured they they will last for at least four years from date of purchase before being used. The prints produced of course will last many, many years.

Note: When changing from 6x4 media to print onto 6x4 stickers etc, you only need change the paper as the ribbons in all 6x4 packs are identical.

CD Media Label Stickers Kit

CD Sticker kits allow you to print a photo quality sticker that can be stuck onto a CD or DVD giving your newly created disk media that ultra proffesional look. The pack has 30 sheets, each sheet allowing you to make 1 CD sticker, and also includes a 30 sheet ribbon. CD sticker packs are based on the 7x5 paper format.


Sticker kits available for the 730 series of photo printers (click to buy) :


This product can only be used with the 730PL, 730PS, 730Gala Dye Sublimation Photo Printers.

Pricing & Availability:

These items are a stock item and as Hi-Touch Technologies “UK’s Leading Independent Reseller of Hi Touch Printers” we carry very large stocks which are available for same day despatch. For pricing and quantity discounts - click here

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