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Fujifilm ASK4000 Dye Sub Photo Printer
Professional high quality Fujifilm ASK 4000 Dye Sub Photo Printer


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The Fujifilm ASK-4000 Thermal Photo Printer enables a wide range of professional photographers to reap the benefits of Fujifilm's industry-leading commercial photo printing technology. Incorporating FujiFilm's Image Intelligence to enhance image quality, the ASK-4000 gives you the ability to produce 2 different sizes of lab-like photos in just seconds, and it delivers prints that can truly be considered lab quality, are water-resistant and last for decades.

The ASK-4000 installs easily with any Window's PC and works with most photo-editing programs. With 40 second print speeds for 8 x 10" prints, the ASK-4000 gives you the lab quality prints you desire without the wait, making it a reliable, affordable, and convenient way to print your photos.

The ASK-4000 Digital Printer allows studio, wedding and event photographers to quickly and easily provide customers with onsite printing capability and eliminates the need and expense of organizing, printing and mailing photos in the days following an event. By simply connecting the printers to a laptop via a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, professional photographers can use the ASK-4000 dye-sublimation thermal transfer technology to produce beautiful, natural-looking prints onsite at client events.

Key Features:

Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer Printing System
The ASK-4000 Printer uses Fujifilm's chemical-free dye-sublimation print technology. This method involves an ink ribbon, heated by a thermal head and coated with dye, which transfers the dye onto special coated paper. The paper absorbs the dye to form visible images, and is then sealed by a protective UV overcoat layer to provide a water-resistant barrier, helping to ensure the preservation of images.
Image Intelligence Technology
Fujifilm's Image Intelligence technology is the integration of vast image analysis, evaluation and processing know-how that Fujifilm has amassed over many years of experience in industries and applications as diverse as medical imaging, graphic arts and photography. The resulting technology - incorporated into many Fujifilm products - includes a series of software utilities collectively known as Image Intelligence. Among the key Image Intelligence features pro-photographers will see in this product are excellent color correction and smoothing of skin tones.
Small Footprint and Easy Maintenance
The ASK-4000 Digital Printer features a small footprint of just 1.5 square feet, and easy maintenance. All operation and maintenance functions, from switching on the power to loading paper and changing ink ribbons, can be performed with the printer in place, and can be conveniently accessed by opening the front cover. No light-sensitive materials are required, so the printers can be installed and operated in normal surroundings.
Print Versatility and Speed
The ASK-4000 Digital Printer offers edge-to-edge printing and is capable of delivering output sizes of 8" x 10" and 8" x 12", and the printer produces a 8" x 10" print in 40 seconds and 8 x 12-inch prints in just 49 seconds, allowing professional photographers to generate up to 80 prints per hour.
Printer Applications Outside of Traditional Photography Services
As with many of Fujifilm's digital printing solutions, ASK-4000 Digital Printer has a wide range of applications beyond traditional professional photography, For agencies such as government and law enforcement organizations, high-quality prints are a necessity for crime scene photos, mug shots, evidence photos and photo I.D. printing. These organizations often do not have dedicated photo lab staffs and would prefer not to handle chemical printing processes, so the ASK-4000 provide an ideal "dry," hassle-free printing solution to meet their needs.
Predictability of Cost
The dye sublimation printing technology used in the ASK-4000 ensures fixed print costs no matter what your image content, and Image Intelligence Technology ensures print quality for less waste and further enhances the prints to look as if they came from a photo lab.

What Fuji Says about the ASK4000:

"Our new printers are the perfect solution for on-site event and wedding photography. We're bringing our printing expertise directly to professional photographers and giving them the solution they need to deliver beautiful, high-quality photographs to their customers almost immediately following an event."

Award Winner & What the Media is saying:
SmartBrief Press Release Mar 09, 2007:(extract)

"The Digital Imaging Marketing Association (DIMA) has named the Fujifilm ASK4000 a 2007 DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out Award winner at the PMA 2007 International Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. DIMA, a division of Photo Marketing Association International (PMAI) presented Fujifilm with the 2007 DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out Award for the ASK-4000 Digital Photo Printer in the Dye Sublimation category.
The category-leading ASK-4000 high-speed printer features color-correction software incorporating Fujifilm?s acclaimed Image Intelligence? technology, which gives photographers a reliable, affordable and convenient way to obtain the Frontier-quality prints they desire, regardless of their location. The combination of Fujifilm Image Intelligence technology, dye-sublimation technology and color correction profiles, allows the ASK-4000 to deliver crystal-clear (300 x 600 dpi), water-resistant prints that last for decades.
DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out entrants received a target file and color-accurate target print, and were asked to output the file according to particular specifications to produce the best possible print. A panel of expert judges evaluated the printers using criteria such as neutral gray balance reproduction, saturation, shadow detail and quality, overall tonality and detail, highlights and specular highlights, flesh tones, hue shift, and text.
By simply connecting the Fujifilm ASK-4000 printer to a laptop via a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, professional photographers can leverage the dye-sublimation thermal transfer technology to produce beautiful, natural-looking prints onsite at client events."

Fujifilm ASK4000 Printer Flight Case

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