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Event Photography Equipment
What equipment you need for Event Photography

Event Photography Printer

In order to be able to print on demand at an event you will need an Event Photography Printer. These come from a variety of different manufacturers and at varying prices and qualities.

You need to look for the following:

  • Reliability - If your printer fails at an event you can end up losing hundreds of pounds and this can easily outway the small saving when you first bought your printer. Does the manufacturer repair their own printers or are they done by a third party company (many manufacturers don't!)

  • Variety of Print Sizes - Most (but not all) printers can print 6x4, 7x5, 8x6 and 9x6 (the most common sizes)

  • Easy of Use - How easy is the media to change? Does it work near studio flash (some don't!), Can it be reloaded easily in a flight case? Is a flight case available? Does it work with a PC or Mac?

  • Speed of Print - Depending upon your workflow you may need fast throughput, remember manufacturers speed of print isn't the same as actual print speed (ask us why!) How often does the media need to be changed.

  • Physical Size - How heavy is it? Can it be lifted by one person?

  • Cost per Print - possibly the least important of all of the different options as a printer that's cheap to run is useless if it's unreliable! If your selling a print for £10 then a few pence difference in the cost is unimportant.

Image quality is often fairly similair between the different printers but some are better than others, ask us for free samples (we'll even print your own images for you as samples)


Event Photography Software

If you aren't lucky enough to be using a Mitsubishi Kiosk system then you may think that you need expensive Event Photography Software, however you'll be suprised to hear that we recommend a piece of software that is actually free of charge! - So what's the catch? Simple their isn't one!



Computing Platform: PC, Kiosk or Mac

Most of the printers (but not all) can be run from a PC or a Mac and drivers for Windows Vista are becoming more available as time goes on.

However we strongly recommend checking with us first before you buy equipment that may not work with your existing computer system.

We personally like the idea of the Kiosk based system.

It is very easy to use and allows the photographer to make the most of the equipment and workflow and as such make the most money at the event.

Why not ask us for an on-line demonstration?


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