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Event Photography Training Courses
Makes sure you maximise the amount of don't fall into the trap ofAll you want to know about how to do make money from Event Photography.



If you want to know all about "Event Photography" then you have come to the right place.

At System Insight we offer a number of courses that will get you established in the lucrative industry and ensure you maximise the profit from your events whilst at the same time ensure that your event goes as smoothly as possible.

As Event Photographers ourselves we are best placed to advise and train you on the various aspects of this lucrative Industry without trying to hard sell you equipment or services. Just good honest advice (check our reviews)

We currently offer two Courses for both budding Photographers or Seasoned Eventers:

1 - "Event Photography for Profit"

Mike OrrIf you want to know all about "Making Money from Event Photography" then come on our special Event Photography Course.

Event Photography for ProfitOur course "Event Photography for Profit" is run in conjunction with Mike Orr, Professional Photographer.

Mike has been a professional photographer for over 20 years, but has concentrated on event photography since 1995 and with his vast experience is recognised as a specialist in this field.

An entertaining and informative presenter, he has been a guest speaker at the well-known 'Nikon Solutions' exhibition at Olympia in London, as well as being asked to speak at the 'Focus on Imaging' exhibition at the N.E.C. Mike is also one of the listed guest speakers at the next SWPP/BPPA convention in London.

The course covers all aspects of event photography and a complete range of equipment from most of the major manufacturers is available for you to use on the day.

Our course is NOT a sales seminar sponsored by one manufacturer with the sole purpose of selling you equipment but a complete "insight" into making money from this lucrative market

Event Photography for Profit - More Information.......


2 - "Getting the Most from Chromakey at Events"

Mike OrrAre you looking to offer your customers the latest in Event Photography? "Chromakey or Green Screen Photography"as it is probably more widely known is fast becoming the edge that sets event photographers apart; there are those that provide this service and those that don’t. Those that do are reaping the rewards and those that don’t - could.

Clients are continually seeking that something special, something to outdo the last event something with the wow factor! There can’t be anything that wow’s the client quite like ‘Chromakey’.

Our course is designed to walk you through the ‘Chromakey’ process from start to finish, so that you can add this interesting and rewarding technique to your own event business.

The course is run by Paul McCabe and Kit Fanner, both are experienced commercial and event photographers who use ‘Chromakey’ to good effect. There are no secrets to ‘Chromakey’ photography just good and bad techniques. You will have an opportunity to see and to use different systems that will help guide you towards the best system for you should you wish to go down this route.

The course will cover the following topics:

    • An introduction to ‘Chromakey’.
    • ‘Chromakey Equipment’.
    • Backgrounds (materials & colour).
    • Lighting.
    • Dealing with the customer, maximising the experience.
    • Best practice for good results.
    • Software and Background imagery.
    • Overlays, Magazine covers and Branding. Marketing ‘Chromakey’.

There is a great deal of information to get through but there will be time for you to have a go yourself so bring a camera.


Getting the most from Chromakey Photography - More Information.......

Professional Photographers Highly Rate Dye Sublimation PhotoprintersThe course is held at New Place Hotel and Conference Center in Shirrell Heath, Hampshire, which is close to the M3 and M27. Discounts are available to delegates who require accomodation; (ask us for details).

The day starts at 9:30am and finishes at 5:30pm, a lunch is provided, as well as tea and coffee throughout the day.

The course size is a maximum of approx a dozen delegates to keep the course personal.


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