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HiTi PhotoDesiree Software Downloads
HiTi offer excellent support for their photo printers by always looking to improve their software and offering these enhancements to their customers.

Please find below links to the latest HiTi Software, feel free to download the latest version.

If you haven't purchased a printer yet, you are encouraged to download the software and try it to see how easy it is! - You cannot print anything until you get your printer of course, but you'll get a feel for what it can do.


    Full Program with Help file and Templates (ver - 26 March 04) - 87.254Mb - Click Here

    Main Program WITHOUT Help file and Templates (ver - 26 March 04) - 5.910Mb - Click Here

    Help File (26 March 04) - 3.45Mb - Click Here


      Modifiy "date print" function, Get the date source of EXIF data from the "TIFF Date" to "EXIF Original Date" for printing
      Support for 16bit Bitmap format files.

PhotoDesiree 2

    Full Program with Help file and Templates (ver 2.1 - 26 March 04) - 37.29Mb - Click Here

    Support 63xPL, 63xPS, Transphortable, PhotoShuttle, 640DL, 640PS, 730xPL, 73xPS.
    2. Add "Delete All" (delete all layers) function.(Click right mouse button under "Edit Queue".)
    3. Solve some language translation problems.


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