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Top Tip - How to Pool your Printers
Complete overview on how printer pooling works on a Windows PC.

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Introduction to Printer Pooling

Printer pooling is ideal if you have a number of the same type of printers connected to a PC and wish to print to the next available printer. It is important to note that all printers must use the same printer driver and have the same paper size installed.

Setting up printer pooling.
Printer pooling is setup in the following way:

  • Ensure that all printers are installed on the PC that you wish to use for printer pooling.
  • Click on Start, then Printers and Faxes.
  • Select the Main printer that you will use to print to. All your print jobs go to this printer.
  • Right Click on this printer and select Properties.
  • Click on the properties tab, the following screen below will be shown:



  • Click on Enable printer pooling check box.
  • You can now select which printers you wish to pool. The example below shows three Kyocera Printers that are pooled, but you can select as many as you wish:

  • Click Apply and you've setup printer pooling!

Important Notes:
All printers must be the same type (use the same printer driver). All printers must use the same settings and same paper sizes.

How it works
Just print to the main printer you specified above and if it is busy, then the next printer in the list will be used. Windows will keep going down the list of printers that you have selected until such time as you have exhausted all available pooled printers.

If all of the pooled printers are busy, then Windows will wait for the first printer to become available and print to that.


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