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Flight Case for CLICK IT5000 System Unit
A specially designed lightweight flight case for the IT5000 system unit

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Click Lite Flight Case now available - Call for details

Flight Case for Safe Transport & ShippingTo compliment our CP9550DW Flight Case, we have had a case designed for the IT5000 system unit. Using the same lightweight material, the IT5000 flight case ensures safe transport of the IT5000 system unit.

The CP9550DW flight case has been designed to be stacked on top of the IT5000 case, which ensures that the operator of the IT5000 is at the correct height for easy operation.

Like the CP9550 case, the IT5000 system unit flight case has been designed with the Event Photographer in mind;
in fact, Event Photographers have provided input into every stage of the design process.

Pricing & Ordering Details

Protect Your Investment With a Specially Designed Flight CaseMajor Benefits of using our CLICK IT5000 Flight Case
There are at least five main advantages of using our specially designed flight case:

  • The System Unit and associated parts are protected from damage during use and transit.
  • The case is lightweight and can easily be carried using the spring-loaded carrying handles on the sides of the case.
  • The case has been designed so that the top remains free of handles etc. enabling the unit to be stacked easily.
  • It gives a professional look to your equipment. No longer do you have to turn up at an event with a cardboard box.
  • Handles have been placed slightly off-center to ensure the weight is evenly distributed whilst carrying.


What - No wheels?
We have been asked on more than one occasion for flight cases with wheels on. We have tried wheels on cases before and decided against this for the following reasons:

  • The price difference between a Flight Case with wheels and the same case without, is about the same price as buying a lightweight fold-up trolley which can be used for all your equipment.
  • The flight cases would have to be bigger to accomodate the wheel assembly.
  • The wheels on a flight case would be small and as such are useless for all but the smoothest floors; (trolley wheels are much bigger).
  • Flight cases with wheels weigh much more and still need lifting out of your car.
  • Having wheels on a flight case means that they are less stable in your vehicle because they slide about (and take up more space because they're bigger).
  • A handle is needed on a flight case to pull a wheeled case along the ground, this needs to be quite strong (unlike standard laptop bag trolleys) due to the weight of the printer, which again adds to weight, size and cost.


What our customers think of the flight case:

The flight case that I got from System Insight for my Mitsubishi 9550 is just the job. The case is professionally made with a good carrying balance with the handles positioned as they are on the sides. It's also light weight, but very solid. Having a space under the printer for cables and the paper catcher etc makes things easier rather than having extra bags to carry accessories.

Rating: 5/5 - Kit Fanner - www.onlocationmultimedia.co.uk

Dimensions of the flight case are:
(H) 495mm x (W) 400mm x (D) 495mm

To Fit the following model:

Pricing & Ordering Details

Flight Case for CP9500 / CP9600 DW & DW-S Series Photo Printers

Flight Case for CP3020DE / CP3020DA Series Photo Printers

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