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Mitsubishi IT5000 - What We Think!
Our views on the Mitsubishi I5000 Click System

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What We Think of the Mitsubishi CLICK IT5000 Kiosk Professional Dye Sublimation Photo Lab SystemAt System Insight we are impartial when it comes to advice on which product to buy. We would never consider selling anything that we didn't consider to be a good product. Our aim is to help you acquire the product that is right for you.

By giving you a complete overview of the IT5000, it will help you make the decision as to what products are suited to your specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information or photo samples to help you decide.

Overview of the IT5000
The equipment comprises an Image Processing Terminal (CLICK 5000), which is controlled by the operator. It is operated via a touch screen, which makes it extremely straightforward to use. Only the digital retouch functions are performed with the mouse or digitizer and the keyboard is only needed for the following:

  • Adding texts to the image
  • Personalising file names on saving
  • For machine setup.

The IT5000 can accept images from the following sources:

  • Digital camera card reader (SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, SD, MM)
  • DVD/CD-ROM reader and recorder.
  • Directory / work folder on the IT5000
  • USB Drive.

This system is ideal for event photographers, not only because it allows the fast production of quality images, but is also able to perform image manipulation quickly and precisely without the need for costly software that can take a long time to learn.

The IT5000 has a touch screen which means that keyboard and mouse input are very rarely needed and makes operation either in a studio or on location very easy indeed.

Images can be read from the camera memory card reader, from the CD / DVD drive on the front of the unit, from a USB "key" and also via Bluetooth.

Any competent PC user will be able to operate the unit with as little as a few minutes tuition and given 30 minutes with the unit most people would be able to perform the more advanced tasks with ease!

Print Size & Media Options
The IT5000 comes supplied with a CP9550DW-S printer. This printer is almost identical to the CP9550DW except that being a Mitsubishi System Printer the media cost is lower than the regular CP9550DW. The 9550DW-S has a red coloured front bezel, which matches the IT5000 and confirms that it is a system printer. Print Size is determined by the media used in the Printer and one of the main advantages of this printer is that you don't need to change the media very often. With 6x4 media you can print 600 images per roll; 7x5 is 350 and a 8x6/9x6 media pack will print 270 photos. Media kits contain ribbon and paper roll and changing of sizes from 6x4 to 7x5 or 8x6 & 9x6 is accomplished in just a few minutes. You can also print two 6x4 images on an 8x6 image sheet for increased flexibility and a 7x5 images could be printed on larger sizes; although manual trimming would be required. Additional 9550DW-S printers can be added to give a wider range of print sizes and/or a faster throughput. A CP3020DE can also be added to the system to allow 8x10 and 8x12 prints to be produced.

Print Speed
Print Speed is determined by the media size used and the quality of images printed (either 346dpi or 692 dpi), but it is safe to say that the unit is fast! A 9x6 can be printed in under 40 seconds and a 6x4 in is little as 20 seconds!

Print Quality
Print quality is excellent and as a result this printer is used by many professional photographers. Although the print resolution can be increased to 692dpi with a slight loss of speed, a resolution of 346dpi does, in our opinion, produce a superb image of exceptional detail and so makes this of interest to event photographers who see quality and speed as essential. Learn why dye sublimation produces a higher quality photo from a lower dpi.

Simple - None required! Just keep changing the ribbon and paper roll when they are exhausted.

What we like about the IT5000
The IT5000 is suprising easy to use given that it can perform complex imaging tasks. Whilst the software is not Photoshop, it is not found lacking in any areas and we cannot imagine the event photographer or in-house photo processing department wanting many more facilities. The 9550DW-S that comes with the IT5000 is a very nice printer; it looks & feels very well made indeed. It produces superb quality images, which are printed without fuss and printed quickly. This printer is a most appropriate choice for the professional photographer.

What we don't like about the IT5000
Not at lot really! The IT5000 is well built and is typical of Mitsubishi's quality of build. It's quick and easy to use and could be a little ligher to carry, but that about all.

The printer does lack an output tray to catch the prints when they have been printed. (So make sure to position the printer so that they do not fall on the floor!) Maybe it could be a little quieter for use in a close office environment, but other than that it is an impressive printer.
Note: We are currently investigating the future availability of a photo output tray!

Other Considerations
You could use a laptop and 9550DW printer, but the IT5000 will give you a much quicker and easier way to print event photos and at a lower cost per print. The IT5000 also looks like a much more expensive piece of equipment that it really is and gives a very professional look to any event.

A very professional, powerful, easy to use piece of equipment - it's what we would use if we where event photographers!

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