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Mitsubishi IT5000 Digital Micro Lab
The Ideal Solution for Event Photographers and In-House Fast Quality Photo Production - Specifications & Features.

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Introducing the High Volume, High Quality Mitsubishi CLICK IT5000 Kiosk Professional Dye Sublimation Photo Lab System.

The system uses a CP9550DW-S or CP9600DW-S Dual line head printer to improve head resolution. Printing occurs on two head elements for each dot. This results in stunning images, with even greater detail and texture.

We at System Insight have developed a useful software application, which is provided free-of-charge with all IT5000's purchased from us.

Combined with the dual-line head, the CP9500DW-S / CP9600DW-S can feed the vertical movement of the paper at double step (double density) whilst printing. The effects include a dramatic reduction in image blurring.

Note:The CP9600DW-S is NOT a replacement for the CP9550DW-S and likewise can only be used on a Mitsubishi kiosk system, NOT on a PC. (The CP9550DW-S prints at 346 & 600 dpi, while the CP9600DW-S prints only at the higher resolution of 600dpi).

IT5000 Instruction Manual

IT5000 Overview

IT5000 Flight Case for Safe Transport & Shipping

Pricing & Consumables

Specifications for the Cost Effective High Volume High Quality Mitsubishi CP9550DW Photo Printer

Terminal Click IT5000
Monitor Touch Screen 17"
Weight 18kg (terminal)
Dimensions 405(W)x400(H)x260(D)mm
Furniture Unit Optional pedestal which can house up to 2 printers (2nd one optional)
Card Reader Compact Flash type I/II, Smart Media, Memory Stick/MS PRO, Secure Digital Card, MM Card, IBM Microdrive, Mini SD card, MS DUO, xD card, USB dongle
Disc Reader CD, DVD
Wireless BluetoothT device
Printers CP9550DW-S (1 comes as standard), CP3020DE (optional), future models (optional)
Photo print formats 3.5"x5", 4"x6", 4.5"x6", 5"x7", 6"x8", 6"x9", 8"x10", 8"x12"* (*with optional CP3020DE printer)

CP9550DW-S / CP9600DW-S Printer specifications:

Printer Type Photo Colour Printers
Print Method Dye sublimation thermal transfer
Resolution CP9550DW-S: 346 x 692 dpi / CP9600DW-S: 600 x 600 dpi.
Interface USB 2.0
Memory 32 MB (2 Frame)
Paper Size 3.5 x 5" (89 x 127 mm), 4 x 6" (102 x 152 mm), 5 x 7" (127 x 178 mm), 6 x 8" (152 x 203 mm), 6 x 9" (152 x 229 mm)
Printing Speed 3.5 x 5": approx. 17 sec; 4 x 6": approx. 20 sec; 5 x 7": approx. 28 sec; 6 x 8": approx. 32 sec; 6 x 9": approx. 38 sec
Input Voltage AC 120V 50/60Hz, AC220-240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions 11.8 x 12.8 x 14.3"
Weight Approx. 37.4 lbs. (17Kg)

Features Summary:
General Description CLICK 5000 is a unit for installing in a photoshop for use by the operator of the establishment. It prints digital or paper pictures or films/slides from different sources, including standard photoshop digital media available on the market (SmartMediaTM, Compact FlashTM, Memory StickTM, SDTM/Multimedia CardTM and CD-ROM) or opaque and transparent scanners.
Product target The design of the equipment features several advantages for the sales point.
  • Image of a shop that is well-equipped with the technologies of the future.
  • Help in the sale of digital cameras.
  • Time-saving with specialised personnel in digital picture processing.
  • The personal touch is maintained, as the photographer does the processing.
  • Major increase in offer without prejudicing the current main core activity.
Handling the system The user interface has been designed to be user-friendly and easy, with no need for training. The target is for handling not to be a barrier in using the equipment, and that any employee can handle it. The equipment comprises an Image Processing Terminal (CLICK 5000) which is handled by the operator. All its inputs for digital picture card, DVD/CD-RW and all the interfaces needed to connect it to other peripherals are concentrated on it. It is operated via a touch screen, which makes it extremely straightforward. Only the digital retouch functions are performed with the mouse or digitizer. The keyboard is only needed for adding texts to the image, personalising file names on saving them, and for technical assistance.
Image capture The equipment can capture images from the following sources: Digital inputs
  • Digital camera card reader (SmartMediaTM, CompactFlashTM, Memory StickTM, SDTM,....).
  • DVD/CD-ROM reader and recorder.
  • Directory / work folder.
  • USB Drive.
Supported Files
  • Formats
    • All standard formats in terms of image inputs and outputs are NON proprietary: JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PSD (1 layer), PCD (input only), TIF and GIF files.
  • Resolution
    • The native resolution of the original file.
Paper and film inputs The equipment can scan opaque matter and films for print-out, and make the index print from film strips.
Image processing The equipment features different levels of Image processing: Colour and luminosity
  • Colour balance: RGB.
  • Brightness, contrast and colour saturation control.
  • Manual and automatic histogram adjustment
  • Auto colour
  • Sharpness.
  • Conversion into B/W and Sepia.
Image Correction
  • Cropping
  • Correction of Red Eyes:
    • Easy selection of the circular area.
    • Different levels of correction: bright and dark red eyes.
  • Area cloning:
    • Mouse-selectable brush size.
    • Fixed or movable cloned area source.
    • Brush with different levels of diffusion.
  • Painting:
    • Easy colour selection by palette or by simple colour on the image (dropper).
    • Brush with several levels of diffusion.
    • Mouse-selectable brush size.
  • Selection of areas and filling:
    • Easy area selection by colour (chroma key) or manual selection.
    • The image can be filled in any colour using the palette.
    • The selected area can be made transparent.
Decoration and personalisation
  • Texts with selectable size, font, position and rotation.
  • Superimposing and montage of pictures on background.
  • Image fusion.
  • Calendars and frames.
  • Cliparts and motifs.
Print out The system supports MITSUBISHI CP8000DW, MITSUBISHI CP-3020DE, MITSUBISHI CP9500DW-S and CP9550DW-S
Approved and Tested Scanners The system is only guaranteed to work with scanners approved and tested by the manufacturer, and which operate by FIRE WIRETM connection (IEEE 1394) or USB, and TWAIN communication protocol. The basic difference between the Approved and the Tested Scanners is that the former can work in Basic Mode and the latter only in Advanced Mode. Section 4.7.1. of the manual describes these two working modes in greater detail. For a detailed description of approved and tested scanners please contact your dealer.
Film Scanner for Index Print. The system supports the use of any film scanner with TWAIN interface, although for greater certainty some Scanner models have been approved. Please contact your dealer. The system works better with a Film Scanner that can preview the whole film strip. It's necessary to make Index Print.
Flatbed scanner The system supports the use of any flatbed scanner with TWAIN interface, although for greater certainty some Scanner models have been approved. Please contact your dealer.
Others To use any scanner not on the list of approved models, install the Drivers supplied by the manufacturer. Any such installation and its compatibility with the rest of the equipment is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER of the equipment. The manufacturer is not responsible for correct installation and operation. Therefore, any cost derived from handling the equipment will be met by the owner. WARNING: THE MANUFACTURER CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE OPERATION OF THE EQUIPMENT IN THE CASE OF A SCANNER INSTALLED THAT IS NOT APPROVED OR TESTED.


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