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Mitsubishi Click Lite PRO SYSTEM
The Ultimate Click Lite System for Serious Event Photographers

"Mitsubishi Electric recognises System insight as an Official UK Distributor and
integration partner for Photo printing and Kiosk technology."

The UK's experts with the Mitsubishi IT5000 Click SystemWhat is the Click Lite PRO SYSTEM?
System Insight are well known for being the UK's experts with the Mitsubishi IT5000 / Click Lite System.
As we use it ourselves on a daily basis, we are well aware of its strengths in the field of Event Photography. However, there are a few features, that we feel are missing from the System in more specialised areas of use and so have designed some extra proprietary software, templates and utilities for the IT5000 & Click Lite that can speed up the workflow and so increase throughput.
Also we have fine-tuned the ICC Profiles from the standard system to ensure better colour reproduction.


Main Advantages of the Click Lite PRO System
The table below illustrates the differences between the Standard Mitsubishi Click Lite and our Click Lite PRO System. Customers may upgrade to the PRO SYSTEM later, but it would mean returning their System Unit and would attract a higher charge than if the Customer had purchased the PRO SYSTEM in the first place. Some elements of the PRO VERSION are available separately at an additional cost for people who have already purchased the Standard Version.

Click Lite vs Click Lite PRO SYSTEM Features List

Standard Version

  12 Months return to base Warranty yes yes
  Telephone Technical Support yes yes
  £100 "Event Photography for Profit" Training Course Discount yes yes
  7 Day Trial Scheme (subject to usage restrictions) yes yes
  5 Meter Power & USB Cables (not included from Manufacturer) yes yes
  Priority for Event Photography Job Referrals no yes
  Loan System / Printer Scheme no yes
  System Insight Special ICC Colour Profiles no yes
  Application Launcher Software (Pre-Installed) no yes
  Special Templates inc: Coasters & Key rings (Pre-Installed) no yes
  Wireless Ready - FTP Server Installed no yes
  External VGA Software Installed (Requires Adapter) no yes
  Backup to External Drive Support no yes
  External USB Drive Support - Click Lite Config Ready no yes
  Software Upgrade to Version 1.2 (from std 1.0-1.1) no yes
  Free / Reduced Cost for Future Utilities no yes



What's coming soon....
We are constantly working on updates to the Click Lite to ensure our customers get the best performance from their system and we are due to launch a few new updates soon.
PRO SYSTEM users will benefit from a FREE or lower cost upgrade on these updates.

Carousel Utility - FREE of Charge to PRO USERS
We are working on a proprietary replacement for this utility. We find the Click Lite version has a few issues which can cause certain problems. Our new version will allow you the following advantages:

  • Ability to refresh the image list when the end of a directory has been reached.
    (This is ideal for constantly changing directories).

  • Ability to "Brand" the slide show with your logo or image.

  • Provide an option to show one or many "adverts" in the slide show every "x" number of images from a selection of images.
    (This is useful to advertise your other photographic products that you sell).

  • Show actual image filename or number.

Import Utility - FREE of Charge to PRO USERS
When images are imported into the Click Lite, they lose their filenames and are renamed as DPS_ClickXXXX.jpg. Our utility will retain the original filenames and allows you the following advantages:

  • Original Images retain their filenames, no more duplicate filenames!

  • Copy RAW files to another directory automatically.

  • Pre-Specify the Directory to copy the files into, thus negating the need to store the images in a temporary directory.

  • Runs as a background task which allows viewing of the images as they come into the Click Lite.

  • Can automatically backup images to another drive / directory at the same time.

  • Option to remove images from card once copied.

  • Report Option.



















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