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CP9550DW & CP9550DW-S Printer Compared
Differences between these two Dye Sub Printers explained


The CP9550 comes in two different versions: the 9550DW and the 9550DW-S; the differences are shown below.

The rugged & reliable CP9550DW
As used in the IT5000 Kiosk System

Used with a PC or MAC

Used with a Mitsubishi Kiosk System


Differences between the CP9550DW and the CP9550DW-S
Although these two printers are identical in terms of technical specification, they and their consumables are NOT interchangeable. The 9550DW can only be used with a PC or Apple MAC and the 9550DW-S can only be used with the Mitsubishi Kiosk Systems.

The media that is used in both printers is shown below and as stated above, is NOT interchangable between printers!

Top quality photos at speed


CP9550DW Media
Media Packs contain the Ribbon and Paper Roll

More than able to contend with extensive use


CP9550DW-S Media
Media Packs contain the Ribbon and Paper Roll



For more information on Mitsubishi Kiosk and DP-Click Systems call us on 01329-835500

Note: Mitsubishi have announced the launch of the CP9600DW-S. The CP9600DW-S is NOT a replacement for the CP9550DW-S and likewise can only be used on a Mitsubishi kiosk system, NOT on a PC. (The CP9550DW-S prints at 346 & 600 dpi, while the CP9600DW-S prints only at the higher resolution of 600dpi.


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