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Mitsubishi CP9550DW - What we Think!
Our views on the Mitsubishi CP9550DW Printer.

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730Gala Hiti photoprinterAt System Insight we are impartial when it comes to advice on which product to buy. We would never consider selling anything that we didn't consider to be a good product. Our aim is to help you acquire the product that is right for you.

By giving you a complete overview of this printer, it will help you make the decision as to which printer or printers are suited to your specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information or photo samples to help you decide.

Overview of the CP9550DW
The Mitsubishi CP9550DW is a very well built piece of equipment that comes from a company with over 20 years experience in the Dye Sublimation field.

Whilst Mitsubishi are mostly known for the range of quality 4x4 vehicles, they also make a wide range of electronic equipment for a variety of different markets. In the Dye Sublimation printer field they produce a comprehensive range of equipment. Mitsubishi's printers are of such a high standared that they are also used in medical and security applications and because of their popularity are available throughout the world.

The CP9550DW is the successor to the popular CP9500 printer. Its appearance is very similar to its predecessor and to the CP9000, which pre-dated the CP9500. The build quality is superb and although the printer is relatively heavy (17Kg), it can still be considered a portable unit.

Print Size & Media Options
Print Size is determined by the media used in the Printer and one of the main advantages of this printer is that you don't need to change the media very often. With 6x4 media you can print 600 images per roll; 7x5 is 350 and a 8x6/9x6 media pack will print 270 photos. Media kits contain ribbon and paper roll and changing of sizes from 6x4 to 7x5 or 8x6 & 9x6 is accomplished in just a few minutes. You can also print two 6x4 images on an 8x6 image sheet for increased flexibility and a 7x5 images could be printed on larger sizes; although manual trimming would be required. Ribbon & Paper Consumables

Print Speed
Print Speed is determined by the media size used and the quality of images printed (either 346dpi or 692 dpi), but it is safe to say that the unit is fast! A 9x6 can be printed in under 40 seconds and a 6x4 in is little as 20 seconds!

When analizing print speed, it is worth noting that some manufacturers do not take into account cooling time! So, when used for high volume extended operation, a printer quoting a print speed of 30 seconds per print maybe slower in the long run than one taking 40 seconds a print, especially if the printer needs to cool down at regular intervals to keep functioning!

Print Quality
Print quality is excellent and as a result this printer is used by many professional photographers. Although the print resolution can be increased to 692dpi with a slight loss of speed, a resolution of 346dpi does, in our opinion, produce a superb image of exceptional detail and so makes this of interest to event photographers who see quality and speed as essential. Learn why dye sublimation produces a higher quality photo from a lower dpi.

A CP9550 will operate between 120v-240v supply and can also be run from an inverter if being used away from mains power in a car or caravan etc. Contact us for more details. Some people may find the unit slightly noisy whilst printing and whilst this is not a major problem, you may wish to site the unit somewhere with this in mind.

Simple - None required! Just keep changing the ribbon and paper roll when they are exhausted.

Both Windows & Mac Compatible. We have used the CP9550 with Mac OS Versions 10.3 and 10.4.4 without any issues, (although the standard driver doesn't support 10.4 we have a version available that does).

What we like about the CP9550
The CP9550 is a very nice printer; it looks & feels very well made indeed. It produces superb quality images, which are printed without fuss and printed quickly. This printer is a most appropriate choice for the professional photographer.

What we don't like about the CP9550
Not at lot really! The printer does lack an output tray to catch the prints when they have been printed. (So make sure to position the printer so that they do not fall on the floor!) Maybe it could be a little quieter for use in a close office environment, but other than that it is an impressive printer.

Note: We are currently investigating the future availability of a photo output tray!

Other Considerations
Depending upon your requirements, you may also want to consider the Hi-Ti 730PS printer. The 730PS is a lot cheaper, but can only print photos up to 8x6 and needs the media replacing every 30 images. Its dominant feature however, is that it can be operated stand alone without the need for a PC. It will print photos directly from any digital camera memory card and its small size and light weight make it truly portable when used via an inverter in your car or caravan etc. In our opinion this printer used as an alternative to or in partnership with the Mitsubishi CP9550, provides an ideal photo printing solution anywhere anytime.

Print Speed on the 730PS is about 90 seconds for an 8x6, though for a very much lower purchase price. Should speed be an issue, this could be possibly overcome by buying two 730 printers to run simultaneously!

In our opinion it is the number of images you need to produce that dictates the printer you need. If you need speed and a lower cost per print, then the CP9550 takes some beating. If you need stand alone facilities and don't have as many images to print, then we recommend giving the 730 series careful attention.

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