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Kodak 8500 A4 Matte Ribbon Kit -

Ensure high quality professional photos by using genuine Kodak supplies


Professional Quality Kodak 8500 A4 Matte Ribbon Kit - 801-0761This kit contains the ribbon needed to print 100 10x8 Matte photos. The Dye Sub A4 Paper kit is also required to be able to produce photos.

This A4 Ribbon Kit is only suitable for the Kodak 8500 Professional A4 Dye Sublimation Photo Printer.

Kodak XtraLife laminate coating provides a special protective coating for photos that is highly durable, waterproof and lasts a lifetime (under typical home display).

Included in the box is 1 Ribbon capable of producing 100 photos when used with the A4 paper packs. The A4 Paper is NOT included in this pack and must be purchased separately.

You must purchase a ribbon and paper kit in order to be able to print from your Kodak 8500, unlike the Kodak 1400 these items must be purchased separately.

The following consumables are also available for the Kodak 8500:


Ref Description
830-8728 Kodak Ektatherm 8500 A4 Paper (100 images)
132-8459 Kodak Ektatherm 8500 Glossy Ribbon (100 images)
801-0761 Kodak Ektatherm 8500 Matte Ribbon (100 images)

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