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Kodak launch their New 805 Dye Sublimation Photo Printer

Kodak's New 805 Photo Printer supersedes the Kodak 1400 Photo Printer.

Delivery Date: 3rd or 4th quarter 2007


March 2007 - This item has been discontinued by Kodak. No information on a replacement printer has been made. Print Media for the Kodak 1400 is still available and will be available for many years. To be kept up to date with further developments subscribe to our Monthly newsletter

Overview of the 1400
What we think of the Kodak 1400A thermal dye-sublimation photo printer that prints quality 10x8 or 12x8 photos depending upon the media used.

The 1400 build quality is superb and although the printer is relatively heavy (12.7 kg), it can still be considered a portable unit.

Print Size & Media Options
The Kodak 1400 and Mitsubishi CP3020 are labelled as A4 Photo Printers - They are NOT! Neither will print an A4 image although the media size for a 10x8 images is A4 in size! Print Size is only 10x8 and 12x8 and the print Size is determined by the media used in the Printer. Like most other printers that print 10x8 or 12x8 the prints are not borderless and will need to be trimmed before putting into a frame or folder. It is possible to change the media part way through the media pack but it can be fiddly. Ribbon & Paper Consumables

Print Speed
In less than 90 seconds, print 8x12, 8x10, 2-5x7, 2-6x8, or 4-4x6 photos per sheet.
(Previous Kodak thermal printers took up to 150 seconds to print a single 8 x 10-inch image). Print speed is slightly faster than the Mitsubishi CP3020.

Print Quality
Print quality is very good, but the Mistubishi CP3020 does have the edge with quality of image, although in practise both printers are used by professional photographers according to their preference. If you are planning to produce "high key" photos then we would recommend the Mitsubishi CP3020 over the Kodak 1400 as it can struggle in this area.

Learn why dye sublimation produces a higher quality photo from a lower dpi.

A 1400 will operate between 100v-240v supply and can also be run from an inverter if being used away from mains power in a car or caravan etc. Contact us for more details.

Simple - None required! Just keep changing the ribbon and paper when they are exhausted. The Kodak does have a dust cover on the back of the printer to keep dust to a minimum. After a large number of prints the paper pickup rollers may need cleaning with

Both Windows & Mac Compatible. (Resources downloads available here).

What we like about the 1400
It's fast and it's easy. The 1400 is an excellent printer; it looks & feels very well made indeed. It produces superb quality images, which are printed without fuss and printed quickly. Improvements & upgrades easily installed via firmware. This printer is a most appropriate choice for the professional photographer and at the price represents superb value for money.

What we don't like about the 1400
Not at lot really! Image quality is not quite as good as the Mitsubishi CP3020, but is however still very good. Does sometimes suffer from dust spots but this is very occasional and still gives a much more hassle free experience than Inkjet printers.

Other Considerations
Depending upon your budget, you may also want to consider the Mitsubishi CP3020DE printer. Although more expensive than the Kodak 1400, the media is cheaper and the image quality is better (although the Kodak still produces good images).

In our opinion this printer is ideal for 10x8 and 12x8 images HOWEVER if you are looking to produce 6x4, 7x5 & 8x6 images primarily, then you should consider either the Hi-Ti 730PS or Mitsubishi CP9550DW as it produces these sizes borderless (unlike A4 printers) and at a much cheaper cost per print.

In our opinion it is the SIZE and number of images you need to produce that dictates the which printer you need. If you want 10x8 or 12x8 then it's either the Kodak 1400, Mitsubishi CP3020DE or the Kodak 9810. If however most of your prints are 6x4, 7x5 & 8x6 then it's the Hi-Ti 730PS, Mitsubishi CP9550, Citizen CW-01 or Kodak 6850.

At a Glance - Our Conclusion based on our Experience



The cheapest 10x8 / 12x8 Dye Sub Printer on the market


Media available in 10x8, 12x8 Gloss and Matt


Not suitable for High Key or High Volume Use


Image Quality not as good as other Dye Sub Printers.


Paper Pickup Rollers need frequent cleaning

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