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Kodak 1400 - Your questions answered
FAQ's to help you learn about this quality photo printer

Kodak launch their New 805 Dye Sublimation Photo Printer

Kodak's New 805 Photo Printer supersedes the Kodak 1400 Photo Printer.

Delivery Date: 3rd or 4th quarter 2007


Frequently Asked Questions about Kodak 1400 Printers

Kodak 1400 Product Overview

Kodak 1400 installation manual

Kodak 1400 PDF Data Sheet

Printer Drivers, Firmware Upgrades & Downloads


High Quality Professional Dye Sublimation Photo Printer

Please find below some of the more frequent questions asked by customers, if your question is not answered then simply contact us and we'll do our best to help.

What is the KODAK PROFESSIONAL 1400 Digital Photo Printer?

The KODAK PROFESSIONAL 1400 Digital Photo Printer is a low-priced dye sublimation (thermal dye diffusion) printer designed for professional photographers and advanced amateurs printing low-volume production of professional-quality digital images and proofs on-demand.

How does the 1400 Digital Photo Printer compare to other KODAK Thermal Printers?
The 1400 Printer is based upon the same technology as Kodak's other thermal printers. It has a low acquisition cost when compared to the KODAK PROFESSIONAL 8500 Digital Photo Printer. The 1400 Printer is designed for low-volume desktop applications.

What are the key features of the 1400 Digital Photo Printer?
Printing process: Thermal dye diffusion
Print quality: Continuous Tone, 301 dpi
Print time: less than 90 seconds per 8x10-inch laminated image
Paper feed: cut-sheet 8½ inches wide by 12 or 14 inches long, 50-sheet capacity
Ribbon feed: 25 or 50 prints
Surface finishes (XTRALIFE™ laminate) options: Glossy, Matte
Maximum image area: 8.27x12 inches
Computer Interface: USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 1.1)

What is included in the system? The system includes the following: printer with power cable, paper tray, covers, ribbon carrier, CD containing a copy of KODAK EASYSHARE Software, user documentation, calibration utility and 1400 printer drivers. Media (ribbons and paper) is sold separately. Printer cables are not included.

Can I print directly from my digital camera or from my camera card direct to the printer without using a computer?
No. The KODAK PROFESSIONAL 1400 Digital Photo Printer must be connected to a WINDOWS or MACINTOSH Computer for image transfer. It connects very simply to a PC or MAC Computer via a USB cable. Simply connect the printer, load the printer driver, ribbon and paper, and select your image and print. It's easy!

Does the computer, connected directly to the printer, need to be dedicated to printing or can it run other software?
The computer does not need to be dedicated to printing. The 1400 Printer is designed for connection directly to a computer running WINDOWS Operating System (2000 or XP) or MAC OSX.
How does the computer connect to the printer?
The system is connected to the computer with either a USB 1.1 or 2.0-compatible cable. Cables are not included.

Can the printer be connected to a network?
The printer may be used on the network only as a shared personal printer. To do this, the computer connected to the printer must be powered on and the system configured such that others on the network have access to the printer.

What media can be used in the system?
The system operates with KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTATHERM Ribbon and Paper designed for the 1400 Printer. See Ordering Information.

Will media sold for use in the 8500 Digital Photo Printer work in the 1400 Printer?
The paper is compatible, however, they each use different ribbons.

How many prints are in a full media load?
The system holds 25 or 50 sheets of media. See Ordering Information.

What is the maximum image size produced on the printer?
The maximum image size is 8.27x12 inches. To print an 8.27x12 inch image the user must use 8½x14 inch paper. It is not possible to print an 8.27x12 inch image on the 8½x12-inch paper.

Are the prints archival?
Like other KODAK PROFESSIONAL Printers using EKTATHERM Media, the prints made by the 1400 Printer will last a lifetime

Isn't the cost more than inkjet printing?
The price of the printer is very competitive with other comparable photo printers. And due to the KODAK PROFESSIONAL 1400 Digital Photo Printer's dry technology, the price per print never varies regardless of the image content or density. That's not true with inkjet - you will use varying amounts of ink as a function of the image. With inkjet, you never know how many photo prints you will get per ink cartridge. With the KODAK PROFESSIONAL 1400 Digital Printer, you always get the same number of prints from a print kit ensuring your price per photo print is always consistent. So, it's really more cost-effective than inkjet printing. And, this KODAK PROFESSIONAL 1400 Digital Photo Printer is optimized just for photos. You get professional-quality KODAK photographs every print, so there's no waste trying to get a good print.

How do I load media?
The ribbon is installed in a carrier, which is inserted into the top of the printer. No threading is required. The paper is installed into a universal paper tray, which is inserted into the front of the machine.

Will the 1400 Photo Printer make borderless prints?
The printer is not designed to make borderless prints. Prints can be easily trimmed for a finished borderless print.

Are there any parts that wear out that would also be considered a consumable?
No there are not.

What is the warranty on a KODAK PROFESSIONAL 1400 Digital Photo Printer?
The warranty for the system is for one year and it includes parts and labour.

Are extended warranty options available?
No. After the first year, all repairs will be charged on a per-repair basis.

What are the maintenance requirements for the KODAK PROFESSIONAL 1400 Digital Photo Printer?
We recommend that you clean the print head when you change the media and periodically vacuum dust out of the inside of the printer.

How often does the printer need calibrating? How easy is it to calibrate?
Calibration is not required at a specific usage interval. The calibration utility is provided to allow users to calibrate the printer with known targets or to deliver a specific colour tone effect. Kodak has found that, in almost all cases, users are satisfied with the factory calibration on KODAK thermal printers and do not need to calibrate the printer.

Can I print from ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Software on a MAC Computer and a PC?
Yes, you can print to the 1400 Printer from both WINDOWS (2000 and XP) and MAC OSX Operating Systems. The user may print directly from ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Software using the printer drivers supplied by Kodak.

Do the printers support ICC profiles for colour management?
Yes, ICC profiles are included with the printer drivers.

What other software can I print from?
The 1400 Printer is designed as an open system that can be printed to by virtually any application. The system includes printer drivers for WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS XP and MAC OSX Operating Systems.

Are ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Export Modules available?
ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Export Modules are not required or available. The 1400 Printer is designed as an open system that can be printed to by virtually any application. The system includes printer drivers for WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS XP and MAC OSX Operating Systems.

Can the 1400 Printer be moved for on-location photography?
Yes, the 1400 Printer is lightweight and designed to be mobile. It is a totally dry system that requires no special electrical, plumbing, or HVAC.

Is there a metallic paper option?
Metallic paper is not available.

Will it print on transparency material?
No, only EKTATHERM Paper is available for the printer.

Can I produce larger width prints, like 11 or 14 inches?
The size of the output is limited to a maximum image area of 8.27x12 inches.

What are the 1400 Printer's power supply requirements?
No special power, plumbing or environmental control equipment is required. The power supply is a universal supply rated for 120V-240V operation.

How much does the 1400 Printer weigh?
Unboxed, the printer weighs approximately 28 pounds (12.7 kg).

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