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Kodak Ektatherm 833-5788 A4 Matte Print Kit
Dye Sublimation Media Kit containing Paper & Ribbon Suitable for use in the Kodak 1400 Printer. Maximum Print Size 10"x8"

Kodak launch their New 805 Dye Sublimation Photo Printer

Kodak's New 805 Photo Printer supersedes the Kodak 1400 Photo Printer.

Delivery Date: 3rd or 4th quarter 2007



Kodak Ektatherm 833-5788 A4 Matt Print Kit

This kit includes everything you need to print 50 real Kodak 1400 8x10 inch or 50 6x8 inch or 100 5x7 inch or 150 6x4 inch photos. This A4 matt Print Kit is only suitable for the Kodak 1400 Professional A4 Dye Sublimation Photo Printer.

Kodak XtraLife laminate coating provides a special protective coating for photos that is highly durable, waterproof and lasts a lifetime (under typical home display).

Included in the box are the Dye Sublimation Matte Ribbon and 50 sheets of A4 Paper. This paper should be used when 10x8 inch (or smaller) prints are required.

Although the paper from the Glossy and Matt ribbons is interchangeable, it is only the ribbon that is different between the different types. Different paper sizes however, do use different length ribbons and they are not interchangebale between paper sizes.

The following paper is also available for the Kodak 1400:

Ref Description
860-2898 Ektatherm Glossy Print Kit (A4 - 50 images)
833-5788 Ektatherm Matt Print Kit (A4 - 50 images)
884-7527 Ektatherm Glossy Print Kit (8.5x14 - 50 images)
885-6841 Ektatherm Matt Print Kit (8.5x14 - 25 images)
  Items below are currently not available from Kodak  
166-6031 Ektatherm Glossy Print Kit (8.5x12 - 50 images) To be advised
895-7185 Ektatherm Matt Print Kit (8.5x12 - 50 images) To be advised
817-2041 Ektatherm Glossy Print Kit (8.5x12 - 25 images) To be advised

Barcode: 4177833578

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