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How to Install an ICC Profile for the Mitsubishi CP3020DAE
In depth instructions on how to use your ICC Colour Profile.

We at System Insight realise the importance and value of ensuring your Mitsubishi CP3020DAE is set to print colours in an optimum fashion. Please follow these steps to install our bundled profiles and to ensure the correct settings are enabled to give you the best results this printer can produce.

(You may want to check that your PC's monitor is calibrated correctly before you start so that you can better judge your results. You can do this quickly & easily yourself - Click here for details).

Step 1

WThe profile we supply for the Mitsubishi CP3020DAE is named ATM-CP3020.icm. Save this profile in the following location:


Once you have saved this file here, you will need to link the profile to the printer driver so the printer will make use of it. Open the "Printers and Faxes" window, (you should be able to find this in the Control Panel if you're not sure); right click on the CP3020DAE printer icon and select Properties.

Step 2

If you now click on Color Management, you'll find the part of the driver that deals with Profiles. The profile you saved should now be listed in the box. Click Manual, then select the ATM-CP3020.icm profile, then click Set As Default. If the profile does not appear in the box then select Manual, click Add and select the profile. Then highlight the correct one and click Set As Default.

These steps should ensure that the colours produced by the CP3020DAE printer match as closely as possible to the colours on your screen, (assuming you have calibrated your monitor correctly).

FREE: ICC Mitsubishi Profiles are provided free of charge when you purchase a printer from us.

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