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Hiring a Dye Sublimation Photo Printer
A brief explanation of the process involved.

HiTi 730 SeriesHow do I go about renting a Dye Sublimation Printer?
The process of hiring a Dye Sublimation Photo printer for your event is simple.

  1. You decide how long you need the printer for (minimum period is one week).
  2. Decide how much media you're likely to need. We recommend always over-estimating this! (You only pay for what you use).
  3. Give us as much notice as possible; (although we have been known to rent at 1 hours notice).
  4. We then charge you for the rental period plus a refundable deposit, which depends on the value of the printer you're renting. Payment is usually made with a credit or debit card, although you may pay by cheque or bank transfer; (allow time for clearance).
  5. We then send the printer to you with the media you have requested.
  6. You then contact us to arrange collection of the printer. Upon receipt, the printer is checked over and page counts are taken. The returned media is also checked and we then calculate how many prints you have made.
  7. We then either charge for or refund you the difference whichever is required.

    Example: 1 Week rental of a CP9550DW with 200 8x6 prints made.

    Initial charge:
    £500 deposit + £165 weekly rental + £25.50 for delivery / collection = £690.50.

    Final Bill
    Refund of £500 deposit + charge of £118.00 for the 200 prints made.

    So customer would receive a refund of £ 382.00, making the total amount paid for the rental of £308.50. The customer made sales of £ 1021, giving a profit of 712.50

For more details refer to our renting a photo printer or rental pricing web pages.

Note: We may require identification details from you before hiring equipment and we reserve the right to refuse rental at our discretion.


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