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730Gala Hiti photoprinter UPDATE
Jan 2007 - The 730PS Version 2 has been introduced in the UK All printers since Jan 2007 supplied by us have been V2 models. The V2 is much faster at processing images.

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Overview of the 730Series
A HiTi 730 Series in our opinion is the "front-runner" as the ideal dye sublimation photo printer for 6 x 4, 7 x 5 and 8 x 6 prints. The ability of 730PS & 730Gala printers to print straight from a memory card, makes them the ideal choice for the event photographer and home user alike. The build quality is superb and reliability is second to none! The fact that the printer is made by a company that few people have heard of, is no reflection of the quality of the unit or the quality of the company themselves. Over 1000 HiTi dye sub printers were sold by us in the first 18 months of going on sale. Their quality and performance speak for themselves.

Print Size & Media Options
Print Size is determined by the media used in the Printer and the 730 Series will print either 6x4, 7x5 or 8x6 depending on the media installed at the time of prinitng. Media can be changed mid-way through the pack and the finished prints have snap off ends ensuring a borderless print.

Which Model should you buy?
We find that 95% of what we sell is the middle of the range 730PS (price wise). The 730PL is slightly cheaper but we think for an extra £30, the 730PS is the better buy. Many customers freqently think that they will never ever use the hand controller when they initially buy the printer, but then usually end up using it most of the time! - This is especially true for event photographers!

The 730Gala is also worthy of note, as it allows remote templating, which you either need or you don't. We would not recommend buying a 730Gala unless you really need this particular functionality, as it will cost an extra £70 for additional features that most people wouldn't need to use.

Print Speed
The print speeds quoted by the manufacturer are in our experience reasonably accurate. The quoted speed for all 730 series models ranges from 45 secs for a 6x4 print to 70 secs for an 8x6 print; a 7x5 print taking approximately a minute.

Print Quality
Colour rendition on Hi-Ti 730 Series printers is awesome and easily rivals printers selling for four times the price. Skin tones print perfectly either when printed straight from the memory card or when printed through a PC or Mac. The resolution is 300dpi for all models. On a dye sub printer, 300dpi is equal to 4800dpi on an inkjet printer. (How is this possible?).

A 730PL/PS/Gala will operate between 120v-240v supply and can also be run from an inverter if being used away from mains power in a car or caravan etc. Contact us for more details.

Simple - None required! Just keep changing the ribbon and paper when they are exhausted. A cleaning kit is recommended by the manufacturer, but in reality it is seldom needed unless the printer's environment is adverse, such as in dusty conditions. We also sell a dustcover for the printer.

Both Windows & Mac Compatible. We have used the 730PS with Mac OS Versions 10.3 and 10.4.4 without any issues. PhotoDesiree Software is not available on the Mac (although not needed as iPhoto is a good substitute. The Hi-Ti Gala software is not supported on the Mac although a Gala printer will work on the Mac.

What we like about the 730 Series
Everything! - This is a superb printer raises only one concern - the price! Why does such an accomplished machine cost so little. Most people wrongly assume that a £300 printer cannot produce good images - it does! This printer takes some beating! (Order a free sample print).

What we don't like about the 730 Series
Not a lot really! The colour of the case is slightly strange and the controller screen could be slightly bigger, but none of these items is a real disadvantage and we would really have to be looking hard for things to dislike about it.

Other Considerations
Depending upon your requirements, you may also want to consider the Mitsubishi CP9550 printer. The 9550 is more expensive and can print upto 9x6 with a cheaper cost per print. Speed on the 730PS is about 90 seconds for an 8x6, though for a very much lower purchase price. Should speed be an issue, this could be possibly overcome by buying two 730 printers to run simultaneously!

In our opinion it is the number of images you need to produce that dictates the printer you need. If you need speed and a lower cost per print, then the CP9550 takes some beating. If you need stand alone facilities and don't have as many images to print, then we recommend giving the 730 series careful attention.

What other Professionals are saying
At a Glance - Our Conclusion based on our Experience



The cheapest 6x4, 7x5, 8x6 Dye Sub Printer on the market


Reliable Product.


Mac Compatible 10.4.7 and above


Standalone Capability (No PC Needed!)


Easy to Use


Superb Image Quality


Not suitable for High Volume Use

Good Idea

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