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Citizen CW-01 Dye Sublimation Photo Printer
Fast High Quality Photo Prints for the Professional Photographer

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The CITIZEN CW-01 Photo Printer gives fast reliable performance & high quality output using PPS-II technology

The Citizen CW-01 is an impressive new dye sublimation printer that prints a 6 x 4 photo in just 8 seconds! Its robust build quality and fast throughput make it the ideal digital photo printer for businesses such as Event Photography.

Flight Case for Citizen CW-01 Photo Printer

Loading fresh media is a breeze via the front-opening panel, which also allows for stacking and easy maintenance.

A software supported function monitor allows you to view the operational status of the printer including the quantity of media remaining.

What the manufacturer CITIZEN has to say about the CW-01:

CITIZEN introduces the superior CW-01 Photo Printer with PSS-II Technology

Uncompromising Performance
Through its advanced design, the CW-01 provides both superb image quality and high speed.

Professional Image Quality
The CW-01 sets a new standard for commercial photo printers; utilising Dye Sublimation Thermal Transfer Technology to achieve high resolution with finely graduated, rich realistic colour and grayscale rendering that surpasses that of traditional silver halide photo printing.

Feature Review

High Speed
The CW-01 provides unsurpassed printing throughput. A powerful print/communication engine and double buffer memory are incorporated. These devices enable the printer to perform 'non-interrupted' high-speed printing. The CW-01's new type mechanism also balances both high-speed drive and quiet printing.

Video of the Citizen CW-01 Printing
This video shows a Citizen CW-01 Printing and the video starts from the time the print button was pressed until the second print appears.


High Throughput
The CW-01 can achieve a high throughput because it is double-buffered. A standard printer is usually single-buffered and processes jobs sequentially, pausing after each job to process incoming data. The double-buffer removes the need to pause and so enables the CW-01 to print the next job immediately after form-feed.

The CW-01 uses double-buffering for a faster throughput

The CW-01 uses a powerful high-performance engine called 'PSS-II'Excellent Quality
The CW-01 uses its proprietary powerful high-performance engine called 'PSS-II', which provides quiet, high-speed printing. This powerful engine incorporates double-buffer memory management and advanced print head control circuitry, which enables fast, non-interrupted printing at low noise levels.

The CW-01 is a heavy duty device, even under high-speed operation. Rugged and reliable either as a stand-alone or networked in a mini-lab, it copes comfortably in heavy workload environments. In fact this printer is so robust that its print head and engine mechanism lifespan is quoted as being more than twice as long as comparable models.

Monitoring Functions
The CW-01 contains a wealth of monitoring functions. It is software enabled, which means it is fully supported by a robust suite of software tools and API's.

The CW-01  is fully supported by a robust suite of software tools that keep you in full control

Whatever the location front panel access makes the CW-01 easy to useEasy to Use
Front panel access makes the CW-01 very easy to use. It was designed with usability in mind, so the front panel access facilitates everyday operations and routine maintenance without the need for expert operator intervention.

Speed & Quality

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