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730 Series Manual - Chapter 1 - Introduction
Learn how to use your 730 Series from this easy to understand guide

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Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Printer Installation
Chapter 3 - Stand Alone Printing
Chapter 4 - Driver Installation

Thank you for purchasing the HiTi 730 Photo Printer. We are sure that you'll be very satisfied with your purchase. Please take a few moments to read these instructions which will enable you to get the most from your printer.

Differences between models
This manual includes instructions for the 730PL, 730PS & 730Gala. It is important to note the following small differences between the models.

730PL - This model cannot be used stand-alone as it does not have the seperate hand controller & memory card slots, all references to these items should be ignored. All other instructions are relevant.

730PS - This model does have the controller and memory card slots. All parts of this manual are applicable. This model is the most popular.

730Gala - This model is the same as a 730PS except it has the ability to print a template over a photo whilst the printer is in stand alone mode. Some functionality (i.e. Passport Photo in stand alone mode are unavailable).

Features: Multi-Size Printing
The 730 Series can print borderless 6"x4"(10cmx15cm), 7"x5" (13cmx18cm) and 8"x6" (15cmx20cm) photos. You can choose different paper sizes depending upon what you need. The paper size can be changed between prints if required.

You can choose different sizes, but you need to change both ribbon and paper for this, as they are matched not only for size but to obtain a photo from each sheet of paper.

Features: Stand Alone Printing without a Computer
Even in stand alone mode the 730 Series (not 730PL), can print borderless 6"x4"(10cmx15cm), 7"x5" (13cmx18cm) and 8"x6" (15cmx20cm) photos. See TFT Controller below.

Memory Card Support
The 730 Series stand alone printers supoort the following memory card types: SmartMedia, Compact Flash, Secure Digital, Multi Media, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro. They also support xD cards with an optional adapter.

TFT Controller
The 730 Series stand alone printers give you total control over your photo printing without a computer by allowing you to preview your pictures on a colour LCD TFT Controller. Its key functions include: Printing borderless photos, Index printing, Quick Photo, Sticker Printing, ID photo, a Print All function and a DPOF printing function.

What's in the Box
The 730PS Photo Printer should be packaged with the following items: 1) Hiti 730PS Photo Printer, 2) Controller, 3) Paper Cassette, 4) Power Cord, 5) USB Cable, 6) CD, (With printer driver bundle software and an electronic manual) and 7) Quick Installation Guide.

Identifying Printer Parts

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